About Kristi

Kristi is a visionary, a poet, a writer and eternal student of life.  Academically,  she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation originally thinking—with her entire heart—she wanted to be a cartoon animator. However, through an intriguing series of (fortunately) unfortunate events, she instead became something else of the creative ilk. Associating with but not limited to these things: She is and always has been –a writer, a creator and a living form of expression.

With an extensive career, Kristi invested her skill sets in the art industry as a graphic artist, writer, assistant magazine editor, creator, industrial designer, fine artist and published illustrator. In 2013, she published her first illustrated short-fiction called: The Quest of Heart,  and is a resident author on: Rebelle Society,  where she writes about empowerment and inspiration, continuously conspiring to inspire the world!

Her signature is the rose. She has an intrigue with the wild. Her greatest passion is philosophizing over the mysterious. Her favorite expression is LOVE.


6 thoughts on “About Kristi

  1. Hi Kristi,
    I met you a year ago at Urban Cafe in Kirkland, Juanita. Are you still around? I am working on an idea for a website and might need your help. I remembered you and found your card. If you are still in Kirkland, please sms or call me 949.836.5544
    thank you,
    antonia (or tonya)
    i am a small fashion designer but the website i am thinking to make is not in fashion design…

  2. Kristi my precious grandson broke my precious “LOVELY LADY”
    WEEPING. Is there anyway to have her repaired? Body is intact, however head, and both arms are detached. I beleife she is a dancer. Black with one silver leg, one are holding candle out to the side. I havent seen her anywhere nor can I find any other stock to replace. Just thought I would try. Thank you for your time. Love your art.

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry about the loss! I do not have access anymore to this art as I designed it for a company who basically bought my designs to put their name on it. I do not know if they stock the lovely ladies anymore but the name of the company is Padma’s Plantation and they are based in Chicago. Otherwise a very strong glue of come kind I’m sure would to the trick. It would give her character. 😉 That is the best I can do! =) Good luck with it and I’m so happy you love your lovely lady.

      Thank you so much.


  3. Kristi, did you design copper pillar candle sconces for the copper studio?

    If so I would love to get one if you have contact information for the copper studio?



  4. Hello, is the Kristi Lynn who made copper studio tiles? (Saw them in a catalog…) Don’t know if this a way to contact you or even if it’s ok (?). I’m about to “oxidize” a countertop for a small bathroom. It’s being fabricated out of steel, I have to take off the black (with muriatic acid) shine it up and then I want to “rust” it in places and then get it clear powder coated. I have muriatic acid that’s been soaking in copper wire for a few months, I am just wondering about more colors. I’m not going in the business, so can you pass on any hints? Thanks, a sheepherder in Wyoming

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